Bad Resumes

To go along with last week’s post about bad interviews I’ve conducted, this week’s post will talk about some of the ridiculous resumes I’ve been forced to review as part of my hiring duties.

There are always the usual spelling mistakes, unexplained gaps and outright fabrications on resumes. I’ve also had a few weird ones. When hiring for an admin role, I had one person send us five versions of her resume in plain text format in one email. She had a message at the top telling us to choose which resume we wanted. That was odd enough. When I read all of the resumes, I realized they contradicted one another. The jobs and years she listed on one did not match the jobs and years on the others. This is a surefire way to ensure you don’t even get an interview.  What on earth was she thinking?

My second favourite resume from that same pile was the applicant whose entire resume was in 28 point font. As a comparison, most resumes are in 11 or 12 point font. I almost fell off my chair when I opened it. Maybe she thought I was visually impaired. I really hope that it was just a conversion issue from her computer to mine. I’d hate to think she actually wrote it that way. I now understand why people suggest sending PDF versions of resumes instead of Word or other programs.  You can be reasonably sure a PDF won’t get screwed up in translation.

Still from this same job posting, I had one candidate call me to earnestly push for an interview, saying he would be a great candidate and would I please look at his resume? I appreciate the guts it took to (politely) call, so I promised to go back and review his resume. Guess what? He never sent it to me. Even checked my junk folder. Attention to detail didn’t appear to be one of his strong suits.

Other annoyances: people spelling my name wrong or listing a different person and job on their application.

The last goof from that round of hiring was someone who never returned my call for an interview, but then tried to connect with me on LinkedIn. Sometimes I just shake my head.

Besides being good for a laugh, these resume mistakes make me feel like a brilliant person in comparison. A laugh and an ego boost. Maybe I should do some more hiring….


2 thoughts on “Bad Resumes

  1. Guess that common sense is becoming more rare these days. As a a jobseeker, just picked up a good idea- pdfing my CV. But good luck on finding your way through the zigzag of humorous applications.

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