Welcome to What They Don’t Tell You About Managing People!

This blog is for anyone who aspires to be a people manager or is already battle scarred from their own management experience. I want to shed light on the role for the uninitiated. For those who’ve already been down this journey and have found it wanting, I am hoping you will see that you are not alone in your frustrations.

The idea for this blog came from my eight years of experience managing people. I was a reluctant people manager and almost had to be dragged into the role when I worked for a large bank. They had done some re-jigging in our department and suddenly had a small team in need of a leader. My managing career was born.

They try to teach you in school and early in your career that managing is where it’s at. Managing means you are trusted and moving up the company ladder. It’s something to aspire to. I think people believe management is a cushy job. You get a lot more pay and can boss people around.

My actual experiences have felt nothing like that. Being a first-tier manager means you get a lot more responsibility and headaches accompanied by a small pay increase. You don’t get enough decision-making power to make any true difference in a large organization.

However, what I didn’t know was how strange and sometimes rewarding the job can be. This blog will focus on the funny and the weird from my people management days. I do have fond memories and have managed some wonderful people, but those stories tend not to be as funny as the bad ones. You will hear more of my cringe-worthy experiences as a result. I’ve spent most of time managing administrative and call centre employees. Call centres are breeding grounds for the bizarre. Most of my juicy stories come from my contact centre days.

This blog isn’t intended to turn anyone off the idea of people management. Some people love it. I just want everyone who hasn’t been down the road to understand how wacky the job can be.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts! It’s so interesting to read things from the otherside. Since I read them backwards I was a little disheartened by how negative the experiences all seemed, but now that I see your reason (humour) I have to agree it’s a good angle. I look forward to enjoying more!

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